Fool-Proof First Date Tips

First dates can be quite nerve-wracking, especially today. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Following a few simple first date tips, whether one is new to dating or has just been out of the game for a while, is sure to have one falling in love in no time at all.

Remember, first impressions last a long time, always plan ahead, the man should take the lead, and perhaps most importantly, one should always be him- or herself.

The first impression one makes is likely to stick around. One wants to be sure that he or she leaves a pleasant impression in the mind of his or her date.

Choosing the appropriate attire is very important. Gentlemen, these means do not wear that suit from 1975 that one thinks is absolutely awesome; and ladies, remember it is okay to leave a little skin to the imagination. Of all first date tips that one will receive from every direction when he or she decides to date again, this is the most important. It is very hard to erase a bad first impression.

Planning ahead is a great way to show one’s date that he or she really is interested in the successful outcome of the evening. Planning ahead shows that he or she cares.

Asking each other beforehand about what the date should entail leaves room for no surprises, which means things should go more smoothly because the events have been planned.

First dates are a way to find out if one wants to have a second date. Both parties should be confident and self-assured, but the female should allow the male to lead the way.

Guys love talking about themselves, so this gives the lady a chance to see what he is all about and lets the man know that she is a good listener.

He should always, however, ask the lady questions 1) to show his interest in what she has to say, and 2) to make sure she is still paying attention.

For a true relationship to work, both people need to be genuine at the start, rather than trying to keep up an act for the sake of having someone. This is the most important first date tip of all. Heed it generously and one should find him- or herself in love in no time.